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Actuation CatalogDownload PDF
Ball Valve - Commercial CatalogDownload PDF
Butterfly Valve - High Performance CatalogDownload PDF
Butterfly Valve CatalogDownload PDF
Gate, Globe, & Check Valve - Bronze & Iron CatalogDownload PDF
Gate, Globe, & Check Valve - Cast Steel CatalogDownload PDF
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Product Newsletters

06/20/2018 - When Skyscrapers SoarDownload PDF
05/23/2018 - Did you know...?Download PDF
05/16/2018 - Then and now - we still deliver excellence.Download PDF
04/04/2018 - UltraPress: FAQ's and Installation How-To'sDownload PDF
03/21/2018 - High-Performance vs. Resilient-Seated: The Choice is in the ServiceDownload PDF
02/21/2018 - Pressed For Product Development, With You In MindDownload PDF
02/08/2018 - UltraPress was imPRESSive at AHRDownload PDF
09/27/2017 - Behind The Hammond Valve BrandDownload PDF
08/30/2017 - Understanding Gate ValvesDownload PDF
08/16/2017 - Understanding Butterfly ValvesDownload PDF
07/19/2017 - Installing a Locking Stem Extension on a Bronze BVDownload PDF
06/28/2017 - INSULATOR/MS Does It AllDownload PDF
06/14/2017 - More Videos Designed With You In MindDownload PDF
05/24/2017 - Check Valve DesignDownload PDF
04/26/2017 - "Lead-Free" Versus Leaded: Choosing The Right Valve.Download PDF
04/12/2017 - Milwaukee Actuation MC & LB SeriesDownload PDF
03/29/2017 - Our Videos are Designed with You in MindDownload PDF
03/15/2017 - Constant Improvement Requires Constant InvestmentDownload PDF
03/01/2017 - Specialty Valves: Providing Solutions from Decades of ExperienceDownload PDF
01/11/2017 - An Unexpected Turn...(Revisited)Download PDF
12/14/2016 - Automating a Valve - Electric vs. PneumaticDownload PDF
11/30/2016 - UltraPure Valves for Purer WaterDownload PDF
11/16/2016 - Automating a Valve - Why?Download PDF
11/02/2016 - Quality Is More Than What Meets The EyeDownload PDF
10/19/2016 - UltraPure Slo-Close Butterball ValvesDownload PDF
10/05/2016 - INSULATOR/MSDownload PDF
09/21/2016 - UltraPress: FAQDownload PDF
09/07/2016 - 15 Years Later, We Pause to RememberDownload PDF
08/24/2016 - Back to Basics: Milwaukee Valve's F20 Series Ball ValvesDownload PDF
08/10/2016 - Let Milwaukee Valve Supply Your Automated Valve PackageDownload PDF
07/27/2016 - Advanced Search Reduces Errors and Saves You TimeDownload PDF
07/13/2016 - Back to Basics: Why Use Three-Piece Ball Valves?Download PDF
06/29/2016 - UltraPress: IMPRESSIVEDownload PDF
06/15/2016 - UltraPure Butterfly Valves Achieve Water Quality DistinctionDownload PDF
06/01/2016 - Butterfly Valve Extension StemsDownload PDF
05/18/2016 - Can Valves Be Repacked Under Pressure?Download PDF
05/04/2016 - Play Ball with the ProsDownload PDF
04/20/2016 - Milwaukee Valve: Innovating, Informing, and SupportingDownload PDF
04/06/2016 - Why We Do What We Do!Download PDF
03/09/2016 - Back To Basics: Cast SteelDownload PDF
02/10/2016 - UltraPress-Saving You Time & MoneyDownload PDF
01/27/2016 - Prevent Valve Failure with Milwaukee ValveDownload PDF
01/13/2016 - Ball Valves - Multiple Handle OptionsDownload PDF
12/16/2015 - Back To Basics: Throttling ServiceDownload PDF
12/02/2015 - Back To Basics: Silent Check ValvesDownload PDF
11/18/2015 - Back to Basics: Ball Valve Seat DesignDownload PDF
11/04/2015 - No Hammer. No Lead. Only From Milwaukee Valve.Download PDF
10/21/2015 - Back To Basics: The Reason Behind The DesignDownload PDF
10/07/2015 - What Is New In Milwaukee ActuationDownload PDF
09/23/2015 - Product Development with You, our Partners, in MindDownload PDF
09/09/2015 - Check Valve Design: Why Do T & Y Pattern Valves Exist?Download PDF
08/26/2015 - Specifications...The Beginning of the ProcessDownload PDF
08/12/2015 - We Are Shipbuilders!Download PDF
07/29/2015 - NXT 75 Fluoropolymer Resin - Modified PTFEDownload PDF
07/15/2015 - Specialty Valves: Just Another Way to Grow Your BusinessDownload PDF
07/01/2015 - Together We Build Systems that Stand the Test of TimeDownload PDF
06/17/2015 - Know Your Valves And Maintain SafetyDownload PDF
06/03/2015 - An Unexpected Turn From the Move to Low Lead Products...Download PDF
05/20/2015 - When the Chips are Down...Who Can You Call?Download PDF
05/06/2015 - "Low Lead" versus LeadedDownload PDF
04/22/2015 - You Know the Brand, But Do You Know the Manufacturer?Download PDF
04/08/2015 - Save Time, Money and Problems by Knowing...Download PDF
03/20/0215 - Installation Made Easy with Ultra Pure...Download PDF

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Hammond Valve provides a variety of actuators for Quarter-Turn and Multi-Turn valve automation in both pneumatic and electric applications.

Assembly and testing are available by Hammond Valve.

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Customer Testimonial

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